by the scetches of French artist H.Maro

Style: Louis XVI



Material: walnut, velvet, springs, sea grass, horse hair

Technique: carving

Year: 2016

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This interior is designed as a free interpretation of the Chinese boudoir in Oranienbaum  Palace. Extremely sophisticated techniques were applied to make this interior: wall panels in the technique of marquetry wre made of tiger tree, zebrawood and rosewood. Wall decor is made of the thinnest thread of walnut and supplemented by paintings on lacquered surface, that imitate mythological scenes. The interior is complemented with easel paintings in gilded frames.

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Often customers wish to insert their favourite work of art or some fragment they saw in their travels into the interior. In this case, we see a door that is based on historical doors in the Marble Hall in the mansion of Polovtsev. Door decor was transformed and scaled according to the dimensions of a new space.

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Materail: birch wood, Italian velour

Technique: carving

Year: 2016

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Great experience in creating carved baroque interiors is always proven by our masters in other works on the iconostases for Orthodox churches.


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This interior was made based on the Renaissance living room in the mansion of A.F. Kelkh (Tchaikovsky str., 28). Massive fireplace and walls of the living room are made of walnut and are richly ornamented with carvings and sculptures. All sculptures are made specifically for the interior and have a reference to the masterpieces of wooden sculptures of the Renaissance period.

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Furniture set

style: Classicism


Material: toned birch wood, fabric: shtof, sea grass, spring (in armchairs)

Technique: carving, carving imitation 

Year: 2016

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The first large-scale project on restoration of parquet floors, which the Amber workshop performed was restoration of the Agate Roms (Cold Bath pavilion), for the State Museum-Preserve Tsarskoye Selo. Read more about the project.

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Style: Russian Empire


Material: Karelian burch wood, blackwood, sea grass, foam rubber,

golden brocade

Technique: carving, gilding

Year: 2016.

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Replica of the bedroom furniture set of Maria Feodorovna from Pavlovsk palace 


Material: birch wood toned, facbric: shtof, sea grass, springs

Technique: carving, carving imitation

Year: 2016

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Mirror stand

Style: late classissism



Technique: carving

Year: 2016




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Style: Classissism 


Material: birch wood toned

Technique: carving

Year: 2016

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