The recreation of the Amber Room is an event of immense historical and cultural significance that has attracted broad public attention. 
The results of our efforts will be judged by many generations of visitors who come to the Tsarskoye Selo palace to see this “eighth wonder of the world” reborn.
Behind us lay 24 years of endless tests, finds, bitter disappointments and happy discoveries, arguments and patient work, day in, day out. 
All those who at any time were involved in this unique restoration project deserve to be recalled with great gratitude.


Boris Igdalov
Director of the Tsarskoselskaya Amber Workshop


29.03.2017 - реставрация в павильоне "Эрмитаж"

Царскосельская янтарная мастерская проводит реставрационные работы в павильоне "Эрмитаж" для Государственного музея-заповедника "Царское Село". Один из самых роскошных павильонов Екатерининского парка готовится к летнему сезону и приему гостей.


27.02.2017 - Lyon's Hall portal restored

One of the most elegant interiors of the Catherine palace waiting to be brought back to life, the Lyons Hall now has a decorative lapis lazuli portal restored by the craftsmen of Tsarskoselskaya Amber Workshop.


15.01.2017 - Restoration of Marble fountain (SMP Tsarskoye Selo)

LLC Tsarskoselskaya amber workshop has recently started a new restoration project - restoration of a Carrara Marble fountain in the Private garden of the Catherine park (SMP Tsarskoye Selo). The work is supposed to be completed in late 2017.



25.12.2016 - Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2017!

Dear collegues, partners and friends!

Tsarskoselskaya Amber Workshop takes the time to wish its colleagues, employees, partners and friends a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


25.11.2016 - Four great beauties of ancient China

Tsarskoselskaya amber workshop completed a set of decorative panels "Four Beauties of Ancient China". The panels are made of natural Baltic amber in flat mosaic technique, the same as was used in reconstructing the famous Amber Room, with engravings and colouring.