Craftsmen from Tsarskoye Selo constantly improve their skills in creating products of their own design. Today we have a chance to exhibit our creations in the amber art-shop that is located in the Chapel wing of the Catherine Palace. The basic exposition is formed by:
• portraits of important historical leaders;
• boxes and caskets;
• our special pride – amber icons;
• objects inspired by the Amber Room;
• jewelry;
• hard-stone items – figurines of animals; vases, and also small decorative panels created in Florentine mosaic technique.

Our present-day collection also includes things which are unique in their complexity: Easter egg Peter I decorated with diamonds; chess set «The Battle of the Ice» and many other things. All of them were created by our craftsmen during 1997-2013. These items now patiently wait for the right connoisseur to purchase them.

It is important to understand that each object in our collection is a result of combined work of many skillful craftsmen: architects, wood-cut experts, amber-carvers, stone-cutters and jewelers. Each of them puts a sparkle of his profound talent and boundless love to his work while he creates even the tiniest item.