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Console table

Collection: The SMP Peterhof
Dating: Year 1767-1778 (?), St.Petersburg.

Workshop: E. Erland. Peterhof Lapidary Factory. Workshop: Y. Martino. 
Material / technique: Wood, enamel, glass, mosaic, painting, bronze,

casting, embossing, gilding, silvering
Came for restoration:2011
Restoration task: complex restoration

In preparation for the 300th anniversary of Oranienbaum and the completion of the first phase of the restoration of the interiors of the Chinese palace, Tsarskoselskaya amber workshop has recently finished restoring historic mosaic smalt table

 Console table befor restoration

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Composition after dismantling


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 Detalils from the console


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Mantling composition


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Painting of glass plates under "turtle"


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Restorer Y.Molchanov

r009p 11

 Restorers N.Ahtulov and A.Soloviev


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 Restorers E.Chapaeva and N.Mazur


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 N.Mazur and B.P.Igdalov mantling  console in the Glass Cabinet of the Chinese Palace.

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